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Thread: Update 1.6.0 iOS, Android

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    Update 1.6.0 iOS, Android

    Mongol Invasion!

    A new enemy looms on the horizon! They arrived from across the sea, their boats filling the beaches as far as the eye can see. Their army is vast and constantly moving with a singular purpose. Why are they here? What are they searching for? And why are they wearing pointy spikes on their hats? That can’t be comfortable!

    In our first epic saga, for each week over the next six weeks a new chapter in the mongol invasion will unfold along with new content, missions, and live events. Check the game out monday for new content and each weekend for new live events. And we’ll tease what’s coming next every wednesday.

    It all starts now with the arrival of the mongol troop today as well as new single player missions on the world map. Mongol troops have heavy armor that soaks up damage. They are particularly effective against archer towers and drum guns.

    Mongol Story (2 new +2 hidden levels)
    2 new map levels are now accessible on the campaign map from the “Stormy Seas” node (Honor required 500) and 2 more levels are available soon.
    ♦ Node 1, “First Contact”: completing this node you will be able to access the next Mongol Story level.
    ♦ Node 2, “Tough Love”: completing this node you will be able to unlock a new troop, the Mongol. - Congratulations!

    The following nodes are hidden and become available in the second phase of the Mongol Saga (starting 10th Feb), accessible from the ‘Altered Beast’ node
    ♦ Node 3, “Tortoise Shell”: completing this node allows you to access the next Mongol Story level.
    ♦ Node 4, “Molten Mongols”: completing this node gives you a reward of 150 diamonds.

    New Troop: Mongol
    A few facts about your new troop….
    ♦ Mongols wear shield and an armor and attack with the Tundra, the traditional Mongol sword.
    ♦ Mongols attack the building that is closest to them according to the spot in which they are deployed.
    ♦ Mongols obey Commanders.

    More updates
    ♦ Ice Cannons - Updated to original intended behaviour. There now is a probability chance that they will freeze troops within the splash radius. As you upgrade the cannon, the probability of the freeze increases.
    Troops will be frozen for longer than with the previous behaviour, but the likelihood is that fewer troops will be frozen, depending on cannon level.

    ♦ We’ve added new country flags. Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, India, and Vietnam. Congratulations! You’ve earned it!

    ♦ We’ve made improvements to Chat UI. It’s more readable, and you can scroll back through more history now.

    ♦ There lots of new ways to earn free diamonds! Navigate to the new offers section of the store and check it out.

    ♦ New graphic icons for the Army, Defense, Production and Shields tabs.

    ♦ Happy Chinese New Year! We’ve added a few decor items to celebrate the year of the Horse.
    New items in Decor:
    - Chinese New Year Lantern
    - Chinese New Year Cart
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